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Assignments shall be designed so that the typical student can complete all homework, including time for studying and preparing for exams, in the average minutes shown. When homework https://collegeessayhelps.com/dissertation-assistance-service-online/ assignments are consistently not being completed, parental contact is essential . An appropriate plan of action should be developed between the student, parent, and teacher.

guidelines for homework

In this case, it would be better to search for online homework help on the Internet. Every student is unique, both in academics and in their response to treatment. Our ultimate goal is to promote academic success for every student. It may be necessary for the academic workload to be modified with focus on the core content so there is also enough energy for the recovery process. The teacher will consider a student’s Individualized Education Plan or 504 Plan in regards to homework.


Reading for pleasure and music practice times are not included in the time parameters shown. Seek assistance from teachers when demonstrating an inability to complete homework. Review school provided materials (for example Binder Reminder, class handouts, and/or online resources). Communicate the extent to which homework influences the student’s overall grades. Communicate with parents to inform them about homework expectations, policies, and procedures. The SDM teams reviewed a variety of resources in an effort to design standards for effective homework practice.

Classwork and homework accommodations must be provided per students’ IEPs and Section 504 Plans. Students should not be penalized for failure to complete classwork or homework when accommodations are not provided. Universal Design for Learning best practices should be used when assigning homework. Homework offers a valuable window into the curricula, assessment practices, and instructional preferences of teachers. It provides insight into classroom learning as well as the types of knowledge and skills the teacher believes will reinforce that instruction at home. The alignment index evaluates both topic and skill, but there was particular alignment in topic areas.


To provide parents with an opportunity to become involved in the child’s learning. Homework should help develop the student’s sense of responsibility by providing an opportunity for the exercise of independent work, judgment, organization and time management. Homework should help children learn by providing practice in the mastery of skills, experience in data-gathering and integration of knowledge and an opportunity to remediate learning problems. The following chart demonstrates the responsibilities of the teachers, parents, and students. Ensuring that all students have the opportunity to complete quality homework.

Homework provides excellent opportunities for developing good study habits, providing for individual differences and abilities while encouraging self-initiative on the part of the student. Homework contributes toward building responsibility, self-discipline, and lifelong learning habits. Homework should provide students with the opportunity to apply information they have learned, complete unfinished class assignments, and develop independence. Teachers are legally required to ensure that homework is accommodated/modified as necessary in accordance with students’ IEPs and Section 504 Plans.


Parents should offer supportive guidance and feedback as needed. If your child is having difficulty completing homework, please contact your child’s teacher. Springhurst teachers are committed to ensuring that every child’s homework experience is worthwhile and successful. Implement the provisions of the homework policy guidelines as appropriate to the school and ensure that the school’s policy is published and distributed to all students and parents. Our school strongly promotes the love of books and reading at home. To continue to build a community of learners, it is critical that children spend time reading.

CAP analysis found that homework is generally aligned to Common Core State Standards, but additional policy changes would make it more valuable. George Lucas Educational FoundationEdutopia is a free source of information, inspiration, and practical strategies for learning and teaching in preK-12 education.

Graduation Requirements

Help with your student’s organization by checking the homework agenda, making sure your student has necessary supplies, has sufficient time to do the work, and is keeping up with assignments . Its design reflects the fact that students differ in readiness, learning style, motivation, and organizational skills. Homework that is not completed does not contribute to learning. The homework guidelines for Springhurst Elementary School are the result of the collaborative efforts of parents, teachers, and administrators. The guidelines are based on current research, parent and teacher input, and National PTSA and NEA recommendations. Please notify your child’s teacher two weeks prior to your scheduled vacation by a written note that states the days your child will be absent while on vacation and the general geographic areas you will visit.

guidelines for homework

Review and discuss teacher comments on the homework with your child. The positions of American Progress, and our policy experts, are independent, and the findings and conclusions presented are those of American Progress alone. American Progress would like to acknowledge the many generous supporters who make our work possible. Coming to a general consensus regarding homework is almost impossible.School leaders must bring everyone to the table, solicit feedback, and come up with a plan that works best for the majority. What works well for one school may not necessarily be the best solution for another.

Goal of Homework

This plan should be appropriate to the child’s needs and home influences. Teachers in the district also fully realize the uniqueness of each child in the school and his/her needs. Whereas the guidelines in this policy are based on the “average” primary and elementary child, individual differences among children must be taken into consideration by parents and teachers. The importance of clear and concise communication between home and school cannot be over-emphasized and is recognized as critically important. The conscientious completion of homework has a positive impact on a student’s success in school. Teachers, students, and parents have the responsibility to work as a team in order to realize the maximum benefit of homework.

  • Communicate with parents how homework supports the standards/benchmarks.
  • Homework is any activity or assignment directed by the teacher to be performed outside the classroom that may include practicing skills learned in class, reading, studying, projects, or completion of assignments.
  • The amount of time it should typically take a student to complete homework and additional independent reading is outlined below.
  • To ensure students’ ability to be independent thinkers, assignments that require minimal adult intervention are encouraged.
  • The teachers and administration of The Essex Fells School believe that homework is one bridge that connects parents, children, and their teachers.

The 0.5 indicator measure represents a middle road where teachers are balancing the expectations of the content standards with the immediate learning needs of their students. A second example from kindergarten asked a student to create an uppercase and lowercase letter “f” by filling in dots with paint. The parent who submitted it highlighted the limited utility of the assignment, emphasizing that it does not hold students to high expectations. What’s more, the homework only gave the student two opportunities to practice writing the letter, both in a nonauthentic way.

New Paltz High School

Our Global Patient Services team is here to help international and out-of-area families every step of the way. In all situations creativity and flexibility can go a long way in helping the student maintain motivation for academic achievement. Extraordinary achievements for all students while simultaneously closing the achievement gap. Students taking an extra class should expect to exceed the daily minutes in a proportional manner. Review, discuss and return, if collected, homework in a timely manner.

guidelines for homework

Accordingly, policymakers and schools must make changes to homework that are in concert with curriculum reform. Nearly half of parents that participated in the survey reported that homework does not challenge their child. In particular, parents of primary-grade children were most likely to agree or strongly agree that the homework assignment they submitted was too easy for their child—58 percent for language arts and 55 percent guidelines for homework for math. The authors found that the submitted homework, for the most part, was aligned to Common Core standards content or within the so-called “good” range based on content expert evaluations. As described in the Methodology, the authors used an alignment index that does not require a homework assignment to exactly mirror the content standards—both topic and skill level—for evaluators to note that it is within a good range.

Grades 3

Homework may be varied where appropriate to provide support for learning differences. Homework should be collected by the teacher, graded, and returned in a timely fashion. Lms.ledyard.net needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. All students should be encouraged to work independently, and the work should reflect the ability of the student.

  • Its design reflects the fact that students differ in readiness, learning style, motivation, and organizational skills.
  • Each school year, schools will communicate the school’s homework procedures with all stakeholders.
  • To provide specific guidelines on homework for teachers, parents, and students.
  • The conscientious completion of homework has a positive impact on a student’s success in school.

Homework will not be assigned on designated religious holidays, over long weekends (3-days or more), or during vacation weeks. Weekend homework will not be assigned at all for students in grades K-5. Homework may be given over the weekend in grades 6-8; however, the total time for weekend homework will not exceed the prescribed time for a single evening’s study. Communicate with teachers at the earliest possible opportunity once the child has demonstrated consistent inability to complete homework. If necessary, parents shall attempt to reach accommodation with their child’s teachers regarding homework. Schools are expected to develop policies that define the amount of homework expected at different grade levels.

The homework load per night should be approximately:

Carefully constructed as to be completed within a reasonable time allotment, with minimal adult help. Homework should be assigned with specific instructional purposes and related to the classroom activities, themes, objectives etc. To ensure students’ ability to be independent thinkers, assignments that require minimal adult intervention are encouraged. If a student misses school due to a planned family absence, work will not be assigned prior to the absence, and work will be expected to be completed upon return. Completion dates of work missed due to illness or family emergencies will be determined on an individual basis. Troubleshoot with the student and teacher solutions to the problems of misunderstandings, time management, and learning progress.